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With so much going on in your facility, you need every component working all the time. To stay profitable, you require as much automation as possible. You can’t afford a breakdown in even small pieces of equipment. Luckily, experienced air compressor installation and maintenance will help your machines run longer.

Do you need help with your piston, hydrovane, and rotary screw compressors in Brampton? If so, turn to Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. Our technicians handle everything from installation to emergency repairs. We can also streamline your shop to help you best use your air compressors and other equipment. Take advantage of our combined services to work as efficiently as possible.

Keep Your Machinery In Shape

Come to us whenever you need assistance for your piston, hydrovane, and rotary screw compressors. Contact our team to help you with each step of owning and maintaining your air compressors. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Onsite Evaluations – Receive a study for your site and recommendations to improve your air compressor use.
  • Installations – Install new air compressors, pipes, and support equipment. We also remove any obsolete or old equipment.
  • Maintenance – Schedule regular maintenance checks for your air compressors.
  • Repairs – Call us when you face an emergency break down. Our Brampton office provides 2 4-hour response to ensure your business runs smoothly regardless of the emergency.

Increase Your Facility’s Efficiency

If you want to improve your manufacturing efficiency, Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. can help. We offer appraisals and consultations for a variety of issues to make your business stronger. Use our help to accomplish the following jobs and more:

  • Create layouts, including floor plans and piping solutions
  • Perform audits for air usage, environmental issues, and energy savings
  • Plan for expanding, moving, and downsizing your facility
  • Implement atmospheric improvements for noise, heat recovery, drying and filtration, and downstream air quality improvements

Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. has helped businesses like yours for over 25 years. Call us at 1.877.MACAIR.1 to speak to our team today