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Considered one of several methods to transfer energy in industrial procedures, compressed air is a crucial element for keeping business operations running smoothly. Eliminating moisture and other contaminants from a compressed air system with the use of dryers and filtration can improve the system’s performance and keep productivity levels at par with industry requirements.

Dryers and Filtration

Water vapour is present in atmospheric air, more so when it is compressed. Moisture can damage pneumatic systems and their parts, negatively affect business operations, reduce the lifespan of equipment, and increase operational costs. Dryers and filtration , as a result, require the constant management of moisture levels.

Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. provides high-quality dryers and filtration to efficiently and effectively eliminate the moisture that may have accumulated in compressed air systems.

Air Filtration

Compressed air contains both moisture and a certain amount of dirt, dust, and oil. Combined, these contaminants can erode a dryer and filtration system. Compressed air filtration products protect your equipment and system from degradation.

Filters that are the right type and size for your equipment also need proper installation. Because debris and oils accumulate in the filter over time, regular maintenance must be observed.

Our high-quality dryer and filtration products keep your pneumatic systems in optimal condition. Our experienced sales staff will help you choose the right products for your operations, and our expert technicians can provide services from installation to maintenance.

With over 25 years of experience with compressed air, Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. offers excellent service and effective compressed air solutions. We provide quality products, scheduled maintenance, and repairs to equipment. We are licensed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and can outfit your business with turn-key installation. We are a company that’s small enough to care but big enough to support large industries. Our services are tailored to your specific needs.

We will also install your piping system.