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HV22 – Hydrovane Compressor


HV15 – Hydrovane Compressor


If you need high quality compressed air or gas with a low noise level, a Hydrovane compressor might be installed right next to your equipment. It’s an option used by so many industries, it’s difficult to count. Hydrovane is associated with a leading global manufacturer (Gardner Denver) that creates well-engineered products. They have facilities in over 30 countries.

Advantages of Hydrovane Air Compressors

Hydrovane compressors come with several advantages that make them an appealing choice for many businesses, including:

  • Low noise levels – Our hydrovane air compressors at Mac-Air boast low noise levels, making them quiet enough to place at the point of use, making your work more convenient.
  • Easy access to hydrovane air compressor spares – Hydrovane air compressor troubleshooting is simple and convenient. At Mac-Air, we provide spare parts to make maintenance a simpler task, as well as services when you need a helping hand with your compressors.
  • Long lifespans of hydrovane air compressor parts – Our hydrovane air compressors are built to last, thanks to few moving parts. With regular maintenance, you can keep your compressors going even longer.


Hydrovane compressors provide cost savings, reduce energy consumption, cut down pollution, and improve reliability and uptime in many different industries:

  • Snow – “cannons” create atomized water to make snow for skiers on the slopes throughout the season
  • Construction – tool operation, ventilation, jet filtration cleaning, fluidization of product, machines (drilling, piling, and ramming), air conditioning, ventilation, blasting, and other vital construction needs
  • Military – power source for pneumatic control equipment (e.g. tire inflation, simulators, shooting range targets, mobile tank cannon cleaning, simulators)
  • Entertainment and Leisure – fountains, pools, theme park rides, simulations delivering precise movement to boats, aircraft, cars, motorbikes
  • Transit – pneumatic door operation, vehicle suspension, improving safety and efficiency
  • Manufacturing – tools, equipment, shot blasting, cleaning, robotics, etc.

Regular maintenance and aftermarket support ensure that this high-quality compressor lasts for your business. Hydrovane offers an extended warranty to maximize compressor life. For extra efficiency, remember to check the hydrovane air compressor manual to make sure you’re using your compressor to the fullest.

Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. is proud to carry Hydrovane compressors for Brampton, Ontario customers, which are built to last and contain few moving parts. Their rigid, sturdy construction withstands shock, external vibrations, and extreme conditions. We’d like to help you improve efficiency and save costs. Call: (905) 458-1351 or email us at for hydrovane compressor services and parts.