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A leading global supplier providing high performance, CompAir compressor provide a broad range of applications. They offer global expertise with local service capability, ensuring advanced technologies are backed up with full support from suppliers, like Mac-Air Ltd in Brampton, Ontario.

CompAir’s breakthrough technologies (such as Quantima) help compressed air users achieve sustainability targets. Their energy efficient and oil-free compressors also offer lower environmental impact.

If you’re looking for a complete range of world-class rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal, or portable compressors – and/or compressed air treatment and accessories — CompAir compressor provide an innovative answer to any industry’s compressed air demand. Their portable compressors are reliable in the toughest site conditions. They deliver significant cost savings with energy efficiency and low maintenance.

The patented Bi-Turbo compression technology of the TurboScrew makes CompAir compressors incredibly efficient, consuming up to 30% less fuel and are among the smallest and lightest compressors in their class.

CompAir Compressor from Mac-Air

Mac-Air has several compressors available from Champion, including:

  • L75
  • L55
  • L37
  • L30
  • L26
  • L22
  • L15
  • L07
  • L05
  • L04
  • CHT Dryer (High Temperature Dryer)
  • CCT Series Refrigerated Air Dryer

CompAir’s energy saving machines not only compress air; they also compress energy and maintenance cost, noise, and your environmental burden. The innovative design of the fail-safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve reduces external hoses to a minimum. This guarantees the highest level of reliability and quality. Mac-Air Compressor Ltd is proud to carry these parts and install them for any industry. Call us at (905) 458-1351.