Air compressors pressurize air by decreasing the volume or amount of space of air in an immediate atmosphere. These devices move air into a pressurized storage tank. That stored, pressurized air has thousands of uses. One major use is powering tools. Air compressors in Brampton can be categorized in different ways depending on the power supply needed and method of pressurizing air. Each compressor differs in design and performance, making them suitable for jobs big or small — from DIY projects to professional use.

  1. Gas-powered compressor
    This is a powerful compressor that is sometimes portable. Do you have a job that requires compressed air far from a source of electricity? If your portable electric compressor doesn’t offer the punch that you need, a gas-powered compressor may be the best option.
  2. Piston compressor
    One of the oldest designs on the market, tried and true, the piston compresses air through a crankshaft and its configuration allows this design to achieve very high pressures.
  3. Hydrovane compressor
    The key design feature of this compressor consists of a vane located inside a cavity that rotates, creating pressurized air. These compressors are often chosen for their reliability and quiet operation.
  4. Rotary screw compressor
    Often the first choice for operations requiring massive amounts of continuous high pressure, this compressor turns internal rotors that move air through the device while compressing that air.

Different air compressors have unique benefits that make them right for your a particular project or operation. To get more information about which type of compressor works for you, contact the professionals at Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. Give us a call at 1-877-MACAIR1 to find a solution that meets your needs today.

POSTED BY Kevin McLeod | Mar, 23, 2017 |