Various small and mid-size manufacturing companies across Ontario use compressed air systems to power tools, machinery, and deliver clean air. Since compressed air systems are expensive to operate, it is important to make your system run efficiently.

Save air compressor energy by:

  1. Avoiding leaks
    When you notice signs of leaks in your system, take immediate action to address them. A vast majority of compressor leaks may not be immediately noticeable because they are not audible. Have the system examined periodically by an expert.
  2. Running the system at required pressure
    Avoid the temptation of turning up your system to compensate for leaks or pressure drops. The most effective device for controlling air compressor pressure is the side controller.
  3. Turn the system off
    Most air compressors typically run at full capacity between 60 to 100 hours a week. For this reason, the system should be turned off during lean hours (such as weekends and evenings) to reduce hydro consumption.
  4. Change filters
    Filters should be inspected and replaced regularly to enhance the quality of air and reduce pressure drops. Examine the air compressor and all air compressor room filters.

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POSTED BY Kevin McLeod | Mar, 23, 2017 |