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Mac-Air Compressor Ltd has a selection of high quality compressed air systems for any application. Our expert team can help you choose the appropriate size for the job. Bear in mind that if your compressor is too large, you’ll waste money on energy and operating costs. If you choose one that is too small, you’ll shorten the life of your equipment and waste time waiting for air.

When you’re seeking reliable, efficient, high-performance compressed air systems, you can select either a rotary screw or reciprocating compressor from our stock. Your application determines what you need. If you require all-day air, or use it on a regular basis throughout several shifts, a rotary screw can run for that length of time. Rotary screw compressors have an air-cooled oil cooler for thermal control. They also may have a timer that turns off the compressor if it runs unloaded for a determined period of time (like during a lunch break or someone forgets to turn it off before closing up shop). A reciprocating compressor works well when you require air for shorter periods of time, and have 15-45 minute breaks before needing it again. These compressed air systems are also air cooled and are used for applications with a duty cycle of 70% (or less). What you select is based on the proper size for your application. We’ll help you decide on the right unit for your purposes.

For excellent compressed air systems, new or used, contact Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. Our team can assist with your selection and help you get the job done. Call 1-877-MACAIR-1 or send us an email for a free quote.

We will also install your piping system.